10/02/2014  Matt Enger  at Amy Li Projects 


PICTURE THIS: The Not Too Buttoned Up Art & Space

10/02/2014 by OSCAR LALUYAN


Matt Enger Amy Li Projects 

166 Mott Street. NYC, NY 10013

September 25 – November 17, 2014“Like a precious jewel box, the space proved to be the perfect foil to the vibrant works of Enger who presented 9” X 9” prints on paper of fluorescent skulls, paintings, works in bronze and tiny Plexiglas animals.”sculptures.


An invitation: Water, Water… Two Coats Of Paint November 11, 2013

Kianga Ellis Projects is hosting “Water, Water… 8 Strange Days in the City That Never Sleeps,” an exhibition organized by artist Edie Nadelhaft that considers how Hurricane Sandy, the superstorm that devastated the East Coast last fall, affected artists both in terms of their studio situations and their work. 

by Sharon Butler

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Installation view: Bruce Stiglich, Matt Enger, Edie Nadelhaft

Installation view: Bruce Stiglich, Matt Enger, Edie Nadelhaft

This Land Press, Tulsa, Oklahoma April, 2011

Mark Enger (1963-2011)  by Dan Riffe

The brothers were opinionated and brutally honest. The two of them together was sometimes overwhelming. When they talked it could be with a rapid intensity, producing a torrent of words that, with the twins tag-teaming in conversation, left some feeling verbally punch-drunk. Not that the Engers spent that much time talking—most of their time was spent making art.

Commanche Indians, Mark Enger 2010

Commanche Indians, Mark Enger 2010

Italain Vouge, Due talenti su una Harley, July 2010

Matt and Mark Enger

Exploding Sky Worldwide, un'attività legata al mondo della serigrafia e delle belle arti, fu fondata nel 1990 dai fratelli gemelli Matt e Mark Enger. I due artisti dell'Oklahoma creano dipinti, istallazioni, abiti in edizione limitata e serigrafie su seta nel Lower East Side di New York, e collaborano con artisti come Kiki Smith, Donald Baechler e Keith Haring.

Rachel D. Vancelette, July 2010